Dashur, Saggara and Memphis

 Posted by Elizabeth at 9:31 pm
Aug 092011
Dashur, Saggara and Memphis

Our last day in Egypt we visited the sites as Dashur, Saggara and Memphis. Our first stop was Dashur to see the false and red pyramids. The false pyramid was the first pyramid and was built around 2500BC. It changes angles about halfway up the sides as they realised that the top would not meet […]

Nairobi …..again

 Posted by Elizabeth at 8:42 pm
Aug 112011

Once again we are back in Nairobi and Jungle Junction and once again we have the pleasure of visiting Toyota. We arrived on our appointment day to be told they had it booked in for the day before – they had failed to update the appointment when we rang them before we left for Egypt […]

To the Kenyan Coast

 Posted by Elizabeth at 6:03 pm
Aug 152011
To the Kenyan Coast

Finally we left Nairobi for the last time and headed for the coast. We had originally planned to try and make the coast the same day, however we left Nairobi later than expected, so instead we stopped at the Red Elephant Safari Lodge at Voi on the edge of Tsavo National Park. It is a […]

To Zambia

 Posted by Elizabeth at 2:18 pm
Aug 192011
To Zambia

As we were no longer going to Uganda and Rwanda we needed to get to Zambia and continue on from where we would have been. That meant we had 3 long days of driving and 2 border crossings ahead of us. We left Tiwi Beach and headed for the Kenya/Tanzania border, crossing quickly and without […]

Aug 212011
North Luangwa & Luambe National Parks

We filled our car with diesel at Kakalantekwe which is the village on the main road at the turn off to Kapishya. The owner of Kapishya gets his fuel here and phoned them to order our fuel so we thought it should be ok even if you do buy it from plastic containers. There are […]

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