First Post!

 Posted by Elizabeth at 8:16 pm
Dec 012010

Trip start – April 3rd 2011!

We have started planning our 6 month trip through Southern Africa. 

Our plan at this stage is to spend 6 months travelling through the southern part of Africa – South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland,  Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzani and Kenya. If the money holds up, we’d also like to take a flight up to Egypt from Nairobi.

This will be our third trip to Africa, but this time we will be on our own and have the luxury of time to travel at a much slower pace and to stay where we want to when we want to.  Travelling on our own though means there are so many things to organise before we leave. From a vehicle, to 4wd driver and recovery training, first aid, vaccinations, route planning, GPS, satellite phones, budget, maps, insurance – the list goes on! Hopefully we can share some of our learnings on this website.

Leave approved!

 Posted by Elizabeth at 7:40 pm
Dec 132010

My leave has been approved, so I officially have a job to come back to!

My flights are booked using frequent flyers and I managed to get a bargain price for Wayne’s ticket, saving $800 off the price of a return flight to Johannesburg. We’re definitely committed now!

Subscription link added

 Posted by Elizabeth at 12:10 am
Jan 202011

To make it easier for those following us on our African adventure we have added an email subscription box to the side menu. Simply enter your email address and you will be notified whenever we update our site. Once we are on the road we intend to provide updates not only of our travels, but hopefully provide some useful information for those following in our footsteps. We learnt so much from other’s sites, so we thought we should give something back.

Problem with pictures

 Posted by Elizabeth at 1:38 am
Apr 152011

We’re having issues getting pictures to upload so I’ll update the posts with them when we have time and can fix it.

New posts and pictures added

 Posted by Elizabeth at 3:05 pm
Apr 192011

We finally managed to find some internet (slow as it is) so I have updated our posts and added some pictures to the older ones. I also posted the post for Lesotho which I forgot to do the last time.

Still having an excellent time, not missing work at all! Missing everyone though.

We are currently in Luderitz, Namibia about to head off to Sesriem, but will add a blog later.

Please keep the comments and emails coming, it makes our day to read them when we finally get internet access. (Wayne says Larry has to keep off the red wine, but I think it makes them funnier!)

Love to all – Elizabeth and Wayne.

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