Problem with pictures

 Posted by Elizabeth at 1:38 am
Apr 152011

We’re having issues getting pictures to upload so I’ll update the posts with them when we have time and can fix it.

To Cape Town

 Posted by Elizabeth at 1:16 am
Apr 162011
To Cape Town

After leaving Cape Agulhas we followed the coast road for a couple of days on our way to Cape Town. At places it is very scenic, especially along the “whale coast” and immediately before Cape Town around Hout Bay. We unfortunately didn’t see any whales though as it is not quite whale season yet. We […]

Apr 172011
Cederberg National Park to Namibia

After leaving Cape Town we headed for the Cederberg National Park, staying the night at Sandriff Camp. The camp is quite popular with chalets as well campsites, all of which were grassed and spacious. It rained a little in the evening, but not enough to be a problem. The next morning we took a scenic […]

Fish River Canyon

 Posted by Elizabeth at 3:48 pm
Apr 182011
Fish River Canyon

The landscape changed pretty much as soon as we crossed the border into Namibia. It has become quite flat and barren with very little sign of life, both human or animal. The roads have turned to gravel but are better than some of the tarred roads and we can travel on most of them easily […]

New posts and pictures added

 Posted by Elizabeth at 3:05 pm
Apr 192011

We finally managed to find some internet (slow as it is) so I have updated our posts and added some pictures to the older ones. I also posted the post for Lesotho which I forgot to do the last time. Still having an excellent time, not missing work at all! Missing everyone though. We are […]

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