Weekend Practice Trip

 Posted by Elizabeth at 8:38 pm
Feb 062011
Weekend Practice Trip

This weekend we joined a trip with our 4wd club to practice our new skills. To say we got to practice a bit is an understatement! Some of the tracks we tackled were pretty full on for our stock standard Prado! We spent Saturday wandering the tracks on the club property at Willowglen. There are […]


 Posted by Elizabeth at 8:20 am
Feb 122011

We have started our vaccinations for our trip. Luckily we have most of them already from previous trips to Africa, China and Asia, such as Hep A, Hep B, yellow fever, tetanus, and polio. We needed a booster for typhoid as it was more than 5 years since we were vaccinated and this time it […]

Vaccinations Complete

 Posted by Elizabeth at 5:48 pm
Mar 052011

Our vaccinations are complete, our arms are full of needle pricks and our wallets are several hundred dollars lighter! Thank goodness our health insurance covers some of the cost. So we now have had the following vaccinations, some we already had, some needed a booster and some are new. I think this covers us now […]

1 Week To Go!

 Posted by Elizabeth at 4:45 pm
Mar 272011

We’re just a week away from starting our adventure and I am feeling nervously excited. I know we are returning to Africa, but it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that we will be there for 6 months, and on our own! Everything on our list of things to do has been checked off – the […]

We’re All Set!

 Posted by Elizabeth at 4:51 pm
Apr 022011

As I write this we are 17 hours away from departing Australia for the wilds of Africa. We are packed (fingers crossed we haven’t forgotten something), alarm is set and we’re ready to go. As exciting as it is, it still does not feel real. I know we are returning to Africa, but it has […]

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