When we were planning this adventure it was really hard to estimate costs and work out a budget as there were not too many sites around that would mention costs. We plucked some figures out of the air, which overall ended up being not so bad, especially as during the trip we changed our plans and decided to camp inside a lot of the national parks which adds quite a bit to our camping costs. We spent 4 nights in lodges which was a lot more than our budgeted $25 a night, and I have added Egypt seperately given it was not in our original plans and didn’t fit into our daily budget. In the spreadsheet below I have included all our daily expenses except the vehicle repair costs for which we were reimbursed by the rental company, right down to minor costs for parking on the street or buying a bottle of water. Hopefully it will help someone who is trying to plan a trip like this.

Daily Expenses Spreadsheet

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