About Us: Why are we doing this?



Our webpage is a place for us to share our travels. It is still a work in progress, so keep checking back.

At the moment we are planning a 6 month overland 4WD trip through southern Africa, starting in April 2011. Just the two of us, a 4WD and a tent. Most people think we are mad and cannot understand why we would want to travel for 6 months in a 4WD, let alone do it in Africa! Having been to Africa twice already we know it is a fascinating place and has so much more to explore, but this time we will do it at our pace and have time to absorb it all. Now seems as good a time as any to disappear on an adventure. We are young enough and physically able to cope with the challenges of roughing it for an extended period and we are at a point in our lives where we can afford to take some time out for ourselves. Who knows what the future holds, so why put it off for later or “when we retire”? We may never get there.

We plan to share the information we have learnt along the way as we prepare for this adventure. Everything for this trip is under Africa 2011 at the left.

Photos and information from some of our other trips are also under the pages to the left.


So Who Are We?

Elizabeth was born in 1964 and I currently work as a Project Manager for a large retailer, but my background is actually in health care where I worked as an Occupational Therapist. I have always loved to travel and as a child I had a storybook about a girl who travelled around the world and I remember that at a very young age I knew I wanted to travel and the first place I wanted to visit was Disneyland! Well Disneyland may not have been the first place I visited, but I did get there and have managed to visit a lot of amazing places along the way. I spent 6 months travelling in a campervan through the UK and the Continent, from Norway down to Spain. I have also been lucky enough to visit Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore a couple of times, China (amazing place!), Africa twice, New Zealand twice, America several times, Canada, Fiji, Bali and can’t wait to spend 6 months in Africa. There are still so many places I would love to see or visit again and my ultimate dream is to travel permanently, I just  have to figure out how to make it happen! There are a number of things I hope to experience on this adventure, from visiting the Himba in Namibia, to tackling Van Zyls Pass, the beautiful beaches of Mozambique, camping in local villages and my dream of waking in the morning to find lions in our camp! I am also looking forward to checking out of daily life and responsibilities and experiencing a much simpler way of living. On this trip I will be the chief navigator and planner, photographer, website adminstrator, medic and co-driver.

Contact me at Elizabeth@2taylors.net


Wayne was born in 1967 and I currently work as an IT Infrastructure Manager for a large mining supply company. Most of my travelling has occurred since meeting Elizabeth in 2000.  I had always wanted to visit Alaska, China and Africa, and have managed to make this a reality in the last few years. After having to convince Elizabeth to rough it in Africa, I can’t believe we have been there twice and are now planning a 6 month adventure. I will be the chief driver, cook, security guard and mechanic (so we’re in big trouble if things go wrong!)

Contact me at Wayne@2taylors.net 


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