Kom Ombo and Edfu

 Posted by Elizabeth at 4:36 pm
Aug 052011

Our boat pulled up right outside Kom Ombo Temple so it was a 2 minute walk to the temple itself. It is not particularly large but has a lot of excellent carvings and in some of them you can still see the original colours. All of the temples would have been quite something in their day with all the colours on the walls, ceilings and columns.

Kom Ombo TempleKom Ombo TempleKom Ombo TempleKom Ombo TempleKom Ombo TempleKom Ombo Temple

Edfu TempleOur boat then sailed the short distance to Edfu where we visited Edfu Temple. This pylon of this temple is huge and quite spectacular and the temple is one of the best preserved. The temple is dedicated to the god Horus and was completed around 57BC. Inside the sanctuary of the temple they found a boat made of gold that weighed 100kg (it is now in the musuem and a replica is in its place). The amount of detail and the skill required to build and decorate the temples is just amazing and I think this is one of my favourite temples.

Edfu TempleEdfu TempleEdfu TempleEdfu TempleEdfu TempleEdfu Temple

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