Aberdare National Park

 Posted by Elizabeth at 7:20 pm
Jul 292011

Aberdare National ParkWe were undecided whether to head to Lake Nakuru (knowing it would cost us at least $210) and was quite a drive from Samburu, or head towards Lake Naivasha, knowing we needed to be back in Nairobi by midday Saturday.  In the end we changed our mind completely and ended up at Aberdare National Park for the night and then headed to Lake Naivasha the next day.Eastern black-and-white colobus, Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park is a stark contrast to the parks we have been in recently. It is quite mountainous and covered in thick, lush vegetation, making animal spotting pretty difficult. In fact, the only way you really see any of them is if they run out on the road in front of you seeing as open areas are few and far between. Whilst we didn’t see too many animals, it was a pleasant change and we still managed to see buffalo, heaps of warthogs, bushbuck, defassa waterbuck, baboons, giant forest hog, elephants and black-and-white faced colobus monkeys. The elephants are pretty amazing as they climb the steep mountainsides eating the whole time. I’m not sure how they manage to keep their balance.

We headed across through the park and down to Lake Naivasha where we spent the afternoon relaxing.

Buffalo, Aberdare National ParkBushbuck, Aberdare National ParkGiant Forest Hog, Aberdare National Park

Our car has decided to become very sick. It is struggling to make it up even the smallest hill and will not rev past 2000 revs no matter how hard you try, making the hills on the way to Samburu and through Aberdare quite a slow, tedious journey. It is blowing white smoke when climbing the hills and has no power whatsoever, not that it had a lot in the beginning. It is again booked in at Toyota in Nairobi for some TLC and hopefully a full recovery!

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