Liwonde National Park

 Posted by Elizabeth at 8:18 pm
Jun 102011

After crossing the border not a lot changed. The houses were still rectangular mud brick or mud plastered, with thatched roofs. People were on the road and bicycles were still in abundance. The road to Liwonde was in pretty good condition so the trip was easy. We were stopped a couple of times by police, but only one checked our drivers licence, carnet and insurance, all the others just wanted a chat.

Waterbuck, Liwonde National ParkIt wasn’t long after entering Liwonde National Park that we started to see animals so the trip to our camp was a pleasant game drive. There are loads of waterbuck, impala and warthog. We also saw elephants, baboons, bushbucks, squirrels, kudu, hippos and loads of birds. The main focus of the park is the Shire River which is quite large and flows along the length of it. There are Great Egret, Liwonde National Parknot a lot of roads in the park and the main one follows the river. The park itself is really pretty with the river, swamp areas and trees and there are enough animals around to make game drives worthwhile.

We stayed at Mvuu Camp which is right on the river. It is not worth the $US15 per person if you ask me. It is pleasant and the lodge has a nice area to sit as well as a restaurant and bar, but the showers were lukewarm at best and there were no lights in the amenities in the morning even though it was dark inside. There was also no garbage bin in the campsite and with baboons everywhere we had to keep putting the rubbish back in the car. For that sort of money I expect a little more.

Liwonde National ParkWarthog, Liwonde National ParkHippo and Great Egret, Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National ParkLiwonde National ParkLiwonde National Park

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