Kilwa Masoko & Kilwa Kisiwani

 Posted by Elizabeth at 6:50 pm
Jun 272011

Thankfully the road out of Selous was not muddy and nowhere near as bad as the road we had taken in. When we hit the main road to Dar Es Salaam, we turned right instead of left to Dar and headed towards Kilwa Masoko. Once again we managed to find a terrible road! They were building a new road, although it has been in progress for at least 18 months, and there is a temporary road beside it. This temporary road was full of dips and bumps and it was not a pleasant ride at all, yet the buses still drove like crazy. We had the pleasure of about 2.5 hours of being thrown around constantly.Great Mosque, Kilwa Kisiwani

Dhow, Kilwa MasakoWe stayed at Kilwa Seaview Resort for 2 nights where we managed to do an enormous lot of laundry before taking a trip across to the island to see the Arab ruins. We spent a couple of hours on the island investigating the ruins of the Great Mosque, smaller mosques and the Sultan’s Palace. The island must have been something in its time as the buildings were quite impressive. 1500 odd people still live on the island in a small village with no electricity and wells for their water.


Great Mosque, Kilwa KisiwaniFort, Kilwa KisiwaniKilwa Kisiwani

On the way back we stopped in town to buy some “Chips Mayai” which is a local dish of hot chips with an egg omelette. It wasn’t too bad amd was very cheap, although I am sure it isn’t very good for you! We also tried to buy another local dish made from cooking bananas but there wasn’t any to be had, so we will have to keep an eye out for it somewhere else.

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  1. Hey guys hope you are still enjoying your trip
    yes we are reading it, just been really busy
    over the last 4 to 6 weeks, they have been a bit of a blur
    actually, anyway keep on truckin’ and enjoying your time out !!!

    • Hi Sue
      Nice to hear from you. We are definitely still enjoying it and every day is a new adventure in some way. Hope everything is well at home.

  2. Hi,
    We’re the young couple you met in Kruger.. visiting S.Africa for 3 months. We’re back in Ireland visiting Peter’s parents.
    We’ve enjoyed following you along in your trip! Sounds like you’ve had quite the experiences! We admire you keeping up with your blog and all the work and detail you put into it! Keep up the good work because we check your blog everyday 🙂
    your friends,
    Jo-lana & Peter

    • Hi guys – great to hear from you. Did you enjoy the rest of your stay in Kruger? If we have any spare time at the end we’ve decided we’ll head back to Kruger. Nice to know people actually do read our blog and hopefully it will be of some use to someone planning a similar trip as I know we used other people’s blogs to help us. Wayne & Elizabeth

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