Posted by Elizabeth at 5:59 pm
Jun 142011

We had another reasonably short drive north to Chintheche where we were hoping to escape the horrid wind. The drive passed through typical villages with friendly people waving to us. Today I actually had to get out of the car to do our shopping! We bought 8 bananas for 20 Kw (13 cents) and 5 tomatoes for 100 Kw (66 cents). Roadside shopping is definitely cheaper than the supermarket. The Mozambicans make excellent bread and we could buy rolls or loaves for next to nothing in every small village. The bread in Malawi though always seems to be at least a day old even though they assure you it is fresh today, so we are missing the fresh Mozambican bread for our lunch!

MakuzI Lodge was our campsite for the night. It is situated on a beautiful, secluded bay with rock cliffs at either end, which provided some protection from the wind. It has a lovely sandy beach, lots of grass and shade and pretty gardens. We set up camp on the grass and relaxed all afternoon doing nothing more than taking a short stroll along the beach. If you want a place to relax and swim this is a perfect spot, but I missed being able to watch the village life.

Makuzi Lodge, ChinthecheMakuzi Lodge, ChinthecheMakuzi Lodge, Chintheche

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