Etosha – Day 3

 Posted by Elizabeth at 5:05 pm
May 082011

Etosha National ParkAgain we left camp early and our very first sighting just a couple of kilometres away was a lion, lioness and 4 very small cubs. They were all sitting in the short grass out in the open just a few metres from the road so it was perfect viewing. We watched them for some time as the cubs drank from their mother, played and tumbled around with each other. When we arrived there was one other car and they left not long after so we had them to ourselves for nearly the whole time. A definite highlight!


Etosha National ParkEtosha National ParkEtosha National Park

Hoping there would still be the same concentration of animals as there was yesterday afternoon, we headed back to the same area, but there was not a single giraffe to be seen. Just some zebras and the occasional wildebeest and springbok. We followed a spotted hyena for a while to see whether it would do anything interesting, but it finally disappeared into the bush, so no luck there. Apart from that we just saw the usual springboks, gemsboks, black backed jackals, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, impalas and birds.

Spotted Hyena, Etosha National ParkKudu, Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

After leaving the park, we dropped in to see the Hoba Meteorite near Grootfontein. It is a pretty big lump of metal, which apparently weighs 54,000kg and landed on earth 80,000 years ago. You can actually see that it is made of metal and is worth a quick stop to have a look at.

Tonight we are staying at Roy’s Camp. A quirky place where the owner definitely has some creative talent and has made his mark from the campsites, to the amenities, the bar and pool. One of the ladies showers has a tree trunk in the corner, the pool uses an overflowing bathtub as a fountain and there are metal laundry tubs embedded in the walls with plants growing in them. We have a nice shaded, grassy site and are using their gas to cook a stew for a few hours for dinner tonight (better than using our own gas!).

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