We’re All Set!

 Posted by Elizabeth at 4:51 pm
Apr 022011

As I write this we are 17 hours away from departing Australia for the wilds of Africa. We are packed (fingers crossed we haven’t forgotten something), alarm is set and we’re ready to go. As exciting as it is, it still does not feel real. I know we are returning to Africa, but it has not yet sunk in that we won’t be back for 6 months and we are going to be doing it all on our own this time. I can’t wait though until we are there, have our 4wd packed and sorted and we’re on the road.

The next time we update the site we will be in South Africa, probably on our way to Lesotho. I think we are going to be in for a serious adventure over the next 6 months!

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  1. Hope you both enjoyed your 14 hr flight and enjoy your one day of leisure before heading off into the wilds. Can’t wait for the photos.


    • No I didn’t enjoy the 14 hour flight, but are happy now to be here and on our way. Can’t wait to get into Namibia and get really into the wild – we are being pampered far too much here, what with hot showers every single day and all!

  2. You’ll be here by now I guess. Have a GREAT time &, as you said, we may well bump into each other at some point. Taniya & Clive

    • Yep we’re here now, in Cape Town at the moment about to start heading north into Namibia. We’re driving a goldish land cruiser with roof tent etc. Look out for us and we may run into each other. Have fun!

  3. Hey guys,
    I hope you’re all doing okay over there and got all your stuff sorted.
    Just cheacking in to actually make sure you’re alive and haven’t been eaten yet.
    Love you

  4. Where are you Wayne. People are betting on whether you’ve been eaten by a lion or a hippo. Michael’s money is on a meerkat

    • Nope we’ve not been eaten, we’re still in the civilised world of South Africa, but about to head north into Namibia. We’ll keep you posted on the wildlife attacks.

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