To Opuwo

 Posted by Elizabeth at 5:14 pm
Apr 282011

near PalmwagWe left Palmwag this morning and headed north to Opuwo, our last chance to fuel up and stock up on food and water for our trip north over the next 5 or so days. On the way we saw our first giraffes of the trip (my favourite animals), some squirrels and some zebras in the distance. We crossed heaps of riverbeds, both with and without water in them, but none had more than 20-30cm of water in them.

Opuwo is a strange place. Walking through town you have people who have adopted western dress walking down the street with people in traditional Herero dress, which is like stepping back to Victorian times in their long full gowns and headwear. There are also traditional Himbas in their animal skirts and bare breasted.

Herero woman, OpuwoHimba, OpuwoHerero woman, Opuwo

OpuwoWe are staying tonight at the Camp at Opuwo Country Hotel. It is very posh with a lovely infinity pool, bar and restaurant. Opuwo Country Hotel

Tomorrow we head off north for about 5 days to Epupa Falls and to tackle the Van Zyls Pass. Wish us luck!

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  1. Hey Liz. What’s this about infinity pool – i was worried you might be roughing it a little too much, in need of some TLC!! Photo’s are quite amazing – that is literally an animal skirt I see ???
    Glad to hear your seeing giraffes and making your way through Africa. Man i can’t wait to see a Giraffe!! 29 days to go. Good luck and catch you soon. GA P.S your not missing anything!! well it was a nice cake for Vanita’s birthday today (May 1) nothing else to report – SAME OLD!!!!

    • Hi Georgina – I bet you are just dying to get here by now. You will love it! As they have had a lot of late rain in Namibia and Botswana this year the elephants have been hiding as they don’t need to come to the usual waterholes. I hope they are around in Tanzania when you get there. Yes it is an animal skirt, and yes they wear them as normal dress. The inifinity pool was pretty flash hey? Don’t worry, it is the only posh place we have stayed at, and we still camped in the dirt! I am sitting here now with grotty feet and hair that needs washing, but today we are actually having a drink at the bar whilst we use the internet (I think it is the only drink we have bought at the bar so far).
      Not missing work AT ALL! Just help make sure I have an excellent job to come back to. Great to hear from you and let me know how you go on your trip.

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