Posted by Elizabeth at 6:42 pm
Apr 232011

Amazingly my legs weren’t sore at all this morning!

We spent the morning stocking up on food and fuel in preparation for our journey north.We then headed back down to Walvis Bay, Dune 7 and to the Welwitschia Trail. The trail takes you through landscape that really looks like you are on the moon. There are black and grey dunes in abundance and again it is very desolate. We saw some Welwitschia plants which are supposed to be thousands of years old and apparently survive from the water in the mist. The look quite odd, very straggly and half dead.

On the Welwitschia TrailOn the Welwitschia TrailWelwitshia plant, on the Welwitschia Trail

The Swakop River is currently in flood as they have had more rain than usual, so unfortunately we had to go 40 odd km back to Walvis Bay and then another 40km to Swakopmund rather than take the short way across the river.

Tonight we are staying at Sophia Dale Base Camp about 15km outside of Swakopmund which is much nicer than Mile 4. There are trees and shelters and clean amenities and the owner is friendly. This is a much better option if you are staying in Swakop.

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