New posts and pictures added

 Posted by Elizabeth at 3:05 pm
Apr 192011

We finally managed to find some internet (slow as it is) so I have updated our posts and added some pictures to the older ones. I also posted the post for Lesotho which I forgot to do the last time.

Still having an excellent time, not missing work at all! Missing everyone though.

We are currently in Luderitz, Namibia about to head off to Sesriem, but will add a blog later.

Please keep the comments and emails coming, it makes our day to read them when we finally get internet access. (Wayne says Larry has to keep off the red wine, but I think it makes them funnier!)

Love to all – Elizabeth and Wayne.

  5 Responses to “New posts and pictures added”

  1. Sorry guys, I’m sober at the moment, so my comments are a tad uninspiring.
    Being a computer genius as I am, how do I contact you outside of this blog?


  2. Loving your posts and updates. Melissa and I both ! The pictures make it even more amazingly awesome. May the force be with you both !

    • Hi guys. Glad to see someone is reading our posts! I think I have the photos sorted out now, so hopefully they will appear each time we post (when we are lucky enough to find internet). Having a great time and really looking forward to getting into the national parks and seeing the real wildlife!

  3. So envious of you both, your blogs and pictures are amazing and I look forward to reading the updates and seeing where you are. You have certainly made Jarrod and I want to take some time out from work and travel before we are too old!

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