A Week Already!

 Posted by Elizabeth at 7:24 pm
Apr 122011

I can’t believe we have been gone a week already. The time has certainly flown by and we have now got ourselves pretty much into a routine. It is much warmer, especially at night, than it was last week which makes everything a whole lot easier and more pleasant.

After spending the night at Addo we got up early and did a game drive for a couple of hours finding lots of elephants again (what a surprise). We then treated ourselves to a brunch which cost us a whole $12 for a meal of eggs, bacon, tomatoes and toast along with a drink – much cheaper than at home.

Taking the road south through the park we did a game drive on our way out and started to head towards Cape Town. Last night we stayed at the Ebb & Flow North Campsite which was very pleasant with lots of grass on a small river and clean showers.

Today we have followed the coast road through countryside that is pretty much the same as at home. We took a detour through Mossel Bay which is a typical seaside tourist town and then headed towards Cape Aghulas, the southern most point in Africa. After the obligatory photo and a climb up to the lighthouse it was back on the road and we are now staying at Uikraalmond Rest Camp which is pretty expensive at 230R ($33), but the amenities are clean and there is lots of grass to camp on.

So what have we learnt so far this week?

– Don’t leave the car keys on the seat and shut the door
– Make sure you put the tent cover on properly if you are driving in the rain
– Take care in the rain and don’t slip and hurt your thumb (which is still sore a week later, but hey at least it gets me out of having to do some things!)
– That a bucket with a lid filled with detergent, water and clothes and strapped to the roof rack makes an excellent washing machine. When you arrive in camp all they need is a quick rinse and they are done. Definitely beats hand washing!

  4 Responses to “A Week Already!”

  1. Hey, finally you make contact, no comment on the flight or the car.
    I want a photo of the car.
    I also want a photo of an elephant giving Wayne a kiss.

    Love Larry

  2. trust you tp get out of doing work 🙂 and for making a washing machine
    hope your not freezing

    • thanks for the sympathy! It is STILL sore today 2 1/2 weeks later, but getting better. And what is wrong with my washing machine?? It is much better than handwashing everything!

      If she would stop using it and banging it, it may get better faster !!! (From Wayne)

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