Fish River Canyon

 Posted by Elizabeth at 3:48 pm
Apr 182011

Ai-Ais National ParkThe landscape changed pretty much as soon as we crossed the border into Namibia. It has become quite flat and barren with very little sign of life, both human or animal. The roads have turned to gravel but are better than some of the tarred roads and we can travel on most of them easily at 80km/h.

As expected, it is also getting much warmer as we travel north. Last night was the first night we stayed in shorts, didn’t need a jumper and we slept with the tent open. All in all it is quite pleasant at the moment.

We have spent the day in the Ai-Ais National Park and visiting the Fish River Canyon. The canyon is pretty Ai-Ais National Park Ai-Ais National Park Ai-Ais National Park

spectacular and there are a number of viewpoints from which to admire it. The Fish River has carved out the bottom section of the canyon, but it is getting close to being the dry season when people hike along it, so there wasn’t a great deal of water in it. camp at Canon Roadhouse

We are stopping the night at the Canon Roadhouse. A quirky restaurant, bar, lodging and campsite. It has old rusty cars both inside and outside the building and all sorts of motoring paraphernalia adorning the walls and floors. The camping area is quite pleasant with designated sites and perfect amenities. We have just had a massive hail storm, but the tent survived and only the chairs ended up a bit wet. All part of camping!

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