We’re On Our Way

 Posted by Elizabeth at 5:26 pm
Apr 052011

The last few days have been long travelling and admin days but we are finally out of Johannesburg and on our way. Our flight was the usual boring 14 hours, although the food was not all that appetising for some reason, but we landed safely on time.

Our first night we stayed at Country Park some distance out of Johannesburg but close to Bushlore from where  we were picking up our 4wd.

Monday morning we were picked up and taken to Bushlore. Our 4wd so far seems pretty good. It has everything we asked for on it, including a brand new bullbar with winch and a twin spare wheel carrier on the rear. They also fitted 6 new all terrain tyres, so hopefully they will last us the journey. It was then off to do the initial food shopping where we managed to spend a reasonable amount just stocking up with the basics. We also bought some extra things like new pillows, a spotlight and few things to add to the cooking gear. It took us the rest of the day to pack and organise the car! I think we have organised it in a fairly efficient manner, but I guess the next week or so will test that theory.

Today was a transit day to get out of Johannesburg. It was a pretty boring 5 hour  drive as the countryside looks very much like our countryside at home, complete with cows, sheep and even 2 emus. Tonight we are staying at Glen Reenen Camp in the Golden Gate National Park. The park itself is quite scenic although it was overcast as we came in, It would look stunning with the sun shining on the sandstone ridges, It is quite cool as there is a strong breeze which is pretty chilly. Hopefully tomorrow the sun comes out.

Tomorrow we will have a look around the park and then head of to Lesotho.

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