Kindles have arrived

 Posted by Elizabeth at 8:07 am
Feb 042011

Our Kindles have arrived and they are just as cool as we thought they would be. They are very slim, light, easy to use and read. So far we have downloaded free books from Amazon to try them out and they are excellent. These are definitely the solution for travelling. No need to carry heaps of books with you or trying to duck into the local bookstore – not such a great option through the remote parts of Africa!. We plan to download a number of books to them before we leave. We can then download more as needed along the way whenever we have internet, either via the laptop or, if we are lucky enough to have Wi-Fi, directly to the Kindle. The books take less than a minute to download to the Kindle!

We realised after we ordered them though that we would need some sort of light to use them at night whilst we are camping. We could use our headlamps but the batteries seem to die on these pretty quickly as it is, so that wasn’t really a good option. We found some Kindle lamps on Amazon and bought the Verso clip on light. They are very small, very light and use CR2032 batteries which are much easier to carry with us. So far the light seems great and manages to light up the whole screen. The light fits in the case with Kindle so is easy to carry.

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